Watch a preview video below:

  • Didn’t get the inventory you expected? No Problem!
  • Need to change a photo? Easy as pie!

  • Need to change a price? Presto!

  • Everything you have ever wanted your circular to be, minus scratch and sniff.

Digital Circular Pro

Where do we begin on this one?

This Digital Circular fills so many needs for both you and your customers. This combines a TRUE Digital Circular with Digital Recipes, Digital Coupons, and a Shopping List. Your circular becomes and interactive experience.


Ribeyes on sale? They can see them searing on a grill, or a family enjoying them at dinner together.

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The Digital Circular and Shopping List

Your weekly circular could look like this! But not only that, it will work for you. Each item is independent and your customers can add each item to their shopping list with a click of the plus button. They can add quantity, and get more product detail by clicking on the product photo. Recently with the shortages of certain products, this digital circular makes it easy to add and remove products immediately, or just change price or detail with click of a button. No more waiting or headaches.

The digital circular is designed to have the look and feel of the circulars your customers are used to so they won’t have to change or learn anything. If they are on their computer and build their shopping list, it easy transfers to their phone so they can check off the items they put in their cart at your store. The items they have added to their cart is easily distinguished from the other items by highlighting the item title in green and also changing the plus button to a checkmark. Customers can also view the circular based on the category they are interested in. If they click Meat, all the meat items show up. They can easily share your deals and their shopping list with others which is great for new business!

  • Bring your circular to LIFE!
  • Works on any device.
  • Customers don’t need to zoom in anymore!
  • Easily creates shopping lists.
  • Customers can share it easily.
  • Customers will love how convenient it is.
  • Easily add video to your circular promoting a product or deal.
  • What word best describes this? WOW!

Digital National Recipes

Your customers can browse or search through over 365,000 recipes right from your digital circular. What is better than that? They can save each recipe in their own recipe box, and with a click of a button, they can add every item in the recipe, to their shopping list. This increases they amount they purchase from you. Also when browsing the recipes, they will see products they forgot they needed and can add each one individually to their shopping list.

The search functionality is super easy for customers. They can search based on meal type, keywords, ingredients, or a specific recipe they heard of. This is great for daily use and for holiday or special occasions. Customers are always looking through and sharing recipes with their friends and family. What better way to stay in front of them and gain new customers by giving them what they would go to another website for.

Each recipe is laid out just like they are used to on their other favorite recipe sites, but with this, they can easily record and purchase the ingredients from you. Your customers and potential customers will love that!

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