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Digital Coupons

Fast turnaround, easy to use, with real-time analytics using the MOST SECURE PLATFORM called blockchain technology. Accurate and fast re-imbursement. Transparent Pricing. No Setup Fees. No redemption fees. We ELIMINATE FRAUD using blockchain technology which is more secure, and verifiable, thus better than paper coupons or any previous digital coupons.

Easily integrates with your website. Easy to link to using all of your social media outlets, QR Codes, Text Alerts, and Email Alerts. Customers easily add the coupons they want to their wallet, and then redeem the coupons via their cell number at the register. Super Easy!

When your customers need deals and Coupons, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

Pricing: $450 /yr billed quarterly. No Setup Fees. No Redemption Fees.

POS Integration

We currently connect to these POS systems quickly:

  • POS System 1
  • POS System 2
  • POS System 3
  • POS System 4

What POS system do you use?

Please let us know which POS system you are using so we can contact them, and start integration with them. Our connection turn around is dependent on the availability of your POS companies data team.

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect our paper coupons, send them to the warehouse, then wait for the clearing house to reimburse us. Is this a similar process?2022-09-13T14:50:11-04:00

This electronically sends the coupon directly for reimbursement, so it is quicker and more accurate.

I understand there is a 450.00 annual licensing fee, but do I also pay a per clip fee?2022-09-13T14:49:26-04:00

No, but that is something to be aware of with other companies.

I get so many fraudulent print coupons, is this any better?2022-09-13T14:48:23-04:00

Once again with the new blockchain technology, fraud has been eliminated.

I would like to generate my own in store coupons, can we do that and what’s the cost?2022-09-13T14:47:36-04:00
Yes you can and there is no extra cost with our program, unlike other companies.
Are paper coupons still in use?2022-09-13T14:46:51-04:00

Yes they are but unfortunately the use has diminished to the point that most clearing houses no longer publish them.

We have customers wander in with coupons they downloaded from other stores, especially Dollar General, can we accept those coupons and be reimbursed?2022-09-13T14:46:03-04:00

Many national companies are now using 8112 barcodes, which our block chain technology can identify, if this is the case then your system will recognize those coupons and honor them.

What if I don’t carry some of the items that are on the national coupon registry?2022-09-13T14:45:21-04:00

We can edit those out if needed.

Do you have to connect to my POS system?2022-09-13T14:44:18-04:00

Yes, but with our new onboarding program the process is much simpler and faster.