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Your customers will gladly promote your store today!

The Grocery Bot

If you want to ATTRACT A TON OF VISITORS to your Facebook posts, then you need The Grocery Bot! No need to spend money on Facebook ads, let your customers spread the word to their friends and family. The Grocery Bot does this for you!

Attach your weekly ad or special to the Grocery Bot Promotion and you have a marketing machine and your customer’s will love you for it and stay loyal to your grocery store. Giving back to your customers will save you money and create more attention than wasting money on high hopes.

When your customers post on their Facebook page, YOU NEED TO BE THERE!

PRICING: $21.66 / mo.

Included in Facebook Management

What does it do?

It helps your customers spread the word to their friends and family, so they can spread the word to their friends and family, and it keeps going.

The grocery bot helps you:

  • Get sign ups for your email marketing.
  • Get sign ups for your text marketing.
  • Get sign ups for your loyalty and rewards programs.
  • Get more likes on social media,
  • Get your ad out to everyone in your area.
  • Promotes events.
  • Promotes specials.
  • Handles giveaways.
  • Responds to your customer’s and potential customer’s comments.
  • Sends your customer’s and potential customer’s private messages.

It can do much more than is listed here, but you get the idea. You will be amazed at how much attention it creates for you. You really need to try this.


It rewards your customers for bringing you more customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What the heck is a grocery bot?2022-09-14T09:13:37-04:00

Well, the bot packs a powerful marketing punch. Simply, Bot operates a promotion on your store Facebook page, entices customers, and potential customers , to sign up for your email/text alerts by registering for the promotion, just sit back and watch mighty Bot gather customers for your store.

Does Grocery Bot answer customers’ questions?2022-09-14T09:09:44-04:00
Yes we can program bot to answer pre programmed questions.
Do I have to give up admin of our Facebook while the bot is operating?2022-09-14T09:08:51-04:00

No, bot is just like an extra employee that helps improve your social media.

This sounds great but what if we don’t have a Facebook page?2022-09-14T09:07:40-04:00

Well, we don’t want Bot to be without a home , so we’ll be glad to build one for you, and Bot will host a housewarming party and invite a bunch of your neighbors. Bot is quite the socialite.

We’re interested but I just don’t have time right now can i get back with you?2022-09-14T09:05:56-04:00

Sure, we’ll be here, but as a reminder, there is nothing to do, Bot is an extra employee, kinda like hiring someone with a giant sign to wave in front of the store and drive around with a giant neon sign advertising your store. Who wouldn’t want Bot on their team?

How long does this take to set up and what do we have to do?2022-09-14T09:04:45-04:00

Same day setup, and all you have to do is decide on a promotion and assign bot access to your Facebook page.

Is this expensive?2022-11-07T09:29:01-05:00

Not at all, in fact it’s included in our bundles, and only $5.00 /wk if purchased separate, also remember, NO setup fees, NO contracts.